Loving ourselves can be extremely difficult at times. Especially if you have a storied past, like myself. And more often than not, it can be so easy to start walking in shame. In other words, trying to mask all of our brokenness and insecurities. But through every test comes a testimony! 


For years, I struggled to accept who I was and therefore, could barely accept my calling. I knew that God had called me to ministry ... but how? What about my past? What about all the bad things I've done? What about everything I still continue to struggle with?


I've wrestled with these questions since I stepped foot in the ministry almost 15 years ago! But where I found my encouragement was in Psalm 139. This passage made me realize that I simply forgot who I was in Christ. It brought me back to the moment I first asked Jesus into my heart to begin with. HIS love for ME!


ThisIsMe is a ministry that derives from Psalm 139, and our mission is to encourage people to love who God has created them to be, in spite of their shortcomings. God created you in the secret place! And when you meet Him there again, He’ll show you a reNEWed meaning of life and purpose. So it's time to draw the line in the sand, take off the masks and live our lives loud for Jesus by wearing your story. HIStory!

You can be struggling and becoming at the same time. So embrace who you are today, because you’ll never be the same tomorrow!!​

Yours in Christ,​

Alika Arisumi

Founder, ThisIsMe Collection