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Alika is an evangelist at heart, a sports official, content creator, but more importantly he is a father to 4 boys. His desire and passion is to develop his boys and help lead people to Jesus. Whether he's out with his boys, officiating a basketball game, speaking at an event or creating graphic arts ... Alika hopes to make a lasting impression on others that points to Christ.

Since surrendering his life to Jesus in July of 2005, Alika has served in many areas of ministry including: youth & young adult pastor, associate pastor, media & marketing director, special events coordinator, and founder of a non-profit teen outreach. He has an intense, passionate and high energy style of preaching that is known to communicate the deeper truths of God's Word in a clear and relevant way.

After 4 years away from vocational ministry, Alika is currently praying about his next mission. He has spent

some time exploring church planting, having attended several different church planting assessments with a few different church planting networks. Alika also serves as an advisor to a nation-wide ministry called Sport Officials Surrendered (S.O.S.) and resides in Southern New Mexico with his 3 youngest sons: Elijah (8), Jeremiah (7), and Noah (5). His oldest son, Rae-J (22) is stationed at Creech Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV.