In the words of Jessica ... #ThisIsMe #OurStory #HIStory

Six years ago, there were no smiles. There was little happiness. Their was little joy.

Six years ago Michael and I were on the verge of divorce. After 3 years of hurting each other with actions and words. Neither of us knowing how to communicate. Neither of us knowing what a functional strong marriage took.

Neither of us doing things God's way. Doing whatever we felt in the moment, and never putting the other first.

We were in a dark place. I was already ready to move on with my life. I was checked out. But agreed for our children’s sake to give counseling a try, first. I was filled with “what ifs”... but when I stopped questioning it turned to, “BUT GOD!"

We are a testimony of His goodness. Of His grace. Of His faithfulness. His salvation of our marriage is #OurStory. It’s #HIStory We have been #REDEEMED!