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With a renewed vision and a mission to help celebrate the successes of the referee community, REFdiaries supersedes Xcel Officiating in 2022. The former mentoring program started by Alika in 2019 will continue to help many referees excel in their officiating careers under the new brand. But with the dozens of mentoring programs already out there, Alika wanted to do something unique in his pursuit to help other referees.

"If you look at the multiple group pages on Facebook dedicated to helping other officials, you'll probably notice a common thread of referees bashing other referees based on their opinion of certain calls, positioning, etc. It was disheartening to see the amount of division amongst our own community - as if we don't get enough criticism from the fans, coaches and players that have plagued our line of work, and thus created shortages worldwide. So it is my heart, now, to create a space and a platform where we can set aside our opinions and celebrate the successes of our fellow referees."

So how exactly does REFdiaries work?

All of us are at different walks in our referee journeys, and all of us have taken different paths to get to the level we're currently



at. But we all share one thing in common. Okay, maybe a few things. But we all share a love for the game, and we all have goals to get to that next level (whatever that may be). Maybe you're just getting started and you want to get to that State Tournament. Maybe you're a varsity high school official wanting to break into the collegiate ranks. Or maybe you want to get on that path to the pro level. REFdiaries wants to help share your unique journey and celebrate your successes within the referee community and beyond!

Join our group page and share your journey to help encourage and inspire others!! You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we will highlight some of your successes on these platforms. If you would like to share your referee journey with us, please email

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