Xcel Officiating is a mentorship and training program that was started in 2019 by Alika Arisumi. Our goal is to recruit and retain young officials who have the PASSION, DEDICATION and SACRIFICE to excel as an elite official.

With a PASSION for the game of basketball, Alika put on the stripes as a means to stay connected to the game after his playing days. Getting his start in 2010, Alika started reffing games as the league organizer of the men's city-wide church league. In 2011, Alika registered with the New Mexico Officials Association and started officiating games at the middle school level. He has since been selected to 2 state basketball tournaments (2018, 2020), is an NCAA women's official and worked the 2021 National Championship game in The Basketball League (TBL).

"When I first started out as a registered official, I had no idea there was a ranking system or process to move up in order to get to the varsity level. So it took me about 5 years before I got my first varsity assignment. Had I known all of that in the beginning, I feel like I would've been able to advance much earlier in my officiating career."


With the few mentors Alika has picked up along the way, it is his heart to take his experiences and pay it forward by helping newer officials get to that next level early on in their careers.


Xcel Officiating provides mentorship, training and instruction from veteran officials to help its members excel through the ranks of officiating at all levels. Alika's aim is to see this program grow and the shortage of officials relieved.

This membership is FREE with a Pay-It-Forward mentality. That all members of Xcel will take their experience and become mentors themselves moving forward.

Members must continue to show PASSION for the game, DEDICATION to learn and grow as an official, as well as SACRIFICE in order to invest in themselves and those coming up behind them.